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For Immediate Release 

Source: Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc. 
Contact: Stacy Muth, Vice President, Operations 
(972) 725-9009 Dallas, Texas 
Dallas, Texas September 5, 2000

Ameristar Jet Announces Arrival of Boeing 737's

Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc., one of the country’s largest operators of on-demand cargo jet aircraft, announced the arrival of two Boeing 737-200 cargo freighters for charter. The aircraft are operated by Ameristar Air Cargo, Inc.

“The Boeings [737s] are a dynamic addition to our existing fleet of Learjets and Falcon 20 cargo aircraft. Whether it’s one pound, or 32,000 [pounds], Ameristar has the aircraft to meet every customer’s needs,” said Tom Wachendorfer, Jr., the company’s President and CEO.

The 737-200 has a range of up to 1,500 miles with a full payload of approximately 32,000 pounds. The cargo 737-200C incorporates an 84.5- by 134-inch forward cargo door and a roller system in the floor. Main deck cargo volume is 2,730 cubic feet, utilizing seven 88- by 125-inch pallets. One aircraft is based in El Paso, Texas, and the other in Detroit, Michigan.

Ameristar Jet Charter provides worldwide on-demand charter service and charter logistics management. Tom Wachendorfer, Jr wholly owns Ameristar Jet Charter and Ameristar Air Cargo.


Boeing 737-200