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For Immediate Release 

Source: Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc. 
Contact: Stacy Muth, Vice President, Operations 
(972) 725-9009 Dallas, Texas 
Dallas, Texas, October 4, 2000

Ameristar Opens Full Service Facility in  El Paso, TX

Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc., one of the country’s largest operators of on-demand cargo jet aircraft, opened a ground handling and maintenance facility at the El Paso, Texas International Airport.

The 3.4 acre facility is located at 1820 American Drive, El Paso Texas 79925, and features 9,397 square feet of hangar space and 5,491 square feet of office space. In addition to providing maintenance for the company’s fleet of over 30 cargo jet aircraft, the Ameristar facility provides full loading, offloading, and trucking.

“We’ve always had planes and pilots in El Paso,” said Scott May, the Ameristar El Paso Station Manager, “but this better answers our customers needs for a full complement of ground handling and trucking services. We’re proud to be part of the community in El Paso and look forward to providing the best service to all our customers.” 

Ameristar Jet Charter provides worldwide on-demand charter service and charter logistics management. Tom Wachendorfer, Jr. wholly owns Ameristar Jet Charter and Ameristar Air Cargo.

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Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc.,  El Paso, Texas