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For Immediate Release 

Source: Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc. 
Contact: Stacy Muth, Vice President, Operations 
(972) 725-9009 Dallas, Texas 
Dallas, Texas October 24, 2000

Ameristar Announces its ISO 9002 Certification                                

Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc., the country’s largest operator of on-demand cargo jet aircraft, announced its ISO 9002 certification.

Susan Peabody, an experienced ISO consultant, was instrumental in expediting the process, observing Ameristar operations and documenting processes already in place at the company.

Robert Fritz, an auditor for Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., performed the certification audit and recommended Ameristar for certification. In his report, he called Ameristar, “…a company with and effective and compliant system. Of particular note is the major emphasis on peak performance, compliance with the FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations), and demonstrated attitude about customer satisfaction.”

“The process seemed remarkably easy,” said Tom Wachendorfer, Jr., the company’s founder and President. “We already had the processes in place to run efficiently and serve our customers. The ISO certification process was really a matter of documentation. ”

Ameristar Jet Charter provides worldwide on-demand charter service and charter logistics management. Tom Wachendorfer, Jr. wholly owns Ameristar Jet Charter and Ameristar Air Cargo.

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