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For Immediate Release 

Source: Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc. 
Contact: Stacy Muth, Vice President Operations 
(972) 725-9009 Dallas, Texas 
Dallas, Texas January 29, 2001

Ameristar Jet Charter Posts Record Revenues in 2000 

In a year that was less than stellar for the on-demand cargo industry, Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc., the country’s largest operator of on-demand cargo jet aircraft, posted record revenues for year 2000.  “1999 was such an incredible year for Ameristar,” said Tom Wachendorfer, Jr., the company’s President and CEO. “I didn’t imagine that we could beat [the record 1999 revenues] in a year that was so poor for automotive-related charters. That we did is testimony to our commitment to providing the best customer service and to the many customers that made this [record revenue] happen. We’re focused on our customers and look forward to 2001. ”  

Ameristar Jet Charter provides worldwide on-demand charter service and charter logistics management. Tom Wachendorfer, Jr. wholly owns Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc. and Ameristar Air Cargo, Inc.

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