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April 2009

Dear Friends:

The Ameristar companies, as many of you know, serve two distinctive and unrelated industries: automotive production and high-end passenger travel.  Every day, we are called to move raw or finished automotive manufacturing parts, celebrities, or professional or college athletes.

Occasionally, a rare call comes from one of various animal-welfare organizations across the country, and those calls, unlike any other, excite all sorts of emotion in our staff.  Itís flattering to be remembered for services performed in the past, but that new call means that somewhere, animals are in trouble, and the rescue will require expensive transportation by air.

Last week, The Humane Society of the United States and its Arkansas chapter participated in the recovery of almost 400 animals, including 320 dogs, 28 miniature horses, cats, exotic birds, rare turtles, and a full-sized horse from a puppy mill in Logan County, Arkansas. Nearly half of the animals required medical attention. Agencies from around the country offered their support for these animals, including our friends Bob Rhode and Theresa Geary at Dumb Friends League of Denver, Colorado.

We first worked with Bob and Theresa during hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Last week we were proud to fly nearly 100 rescued dogs to Denver, where Dumb Friends League volunteers will care for these animals and find them loving homes. 

For information about how you, too, can help Dumb Friends League, please visit their website at

 ĎHope Spring brings you and yours many joys!

Tom Wachendorfer, Jr.  
Founder and President
Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc.

Tom Wachendorfer, Founder, CEO
Tom Wachendorfer

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