Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc., On Demand Air Cargo

Ameristar Technology



Cutting edge, 
in the air and on the ground.

From flight crews to technicians, from dispatch to management, Ameristar people stay on the cutting edge of technology, and it's all aimed at bringing you better service.

Our dispatchers use the latest in computer technology to track your shipments, moment to moment.  Now, with our new web-based Shipment Status Lookup, you can check your shipments online -- you get the information you need, in real time, in less time.  Also, our Online Bid System helps us locate in-position aircraft at the best pricing for you.  You can even request a quote online!  

Our ground crews and technicians are cutting edge, too, constantly maintaining and updating their knowledge of our aircraft to keep our operations running smoothly.


Ameristar cutting edge technology -- in the air and on the ground.